La Banda del Corvo e della Colomba

About us

The Banda del Corvo e della Colomba is a small group of Catholic faithful who have chosen to live following the Tradition of the Church and the inspiration offered by Benedictine monastic life, that in all things, God may be glorified (1 Pt, 4:11).

Since 2020 we have settled in the territory of Norcia, the birthplace of the father of Western monasticism, St. Benedict, and his sister St. Scholastica. Here we hope to cultivate a way of life that enables our thoughts and actions to be evermore turned to Christ.

We participate in the liturgical life of the nearby Monastero di San Benedetto in Monte. There, we attend Holy Mass and the Divine Office.

Our name

By invoking the symbols of the raven (corvo) and the dove (colomba), our name calls to mind two distinct images from our Catholic tradition.

First, in the Book of Genesis, the raven and the dove are the two animals that Noah uses to probe the level of the water after the flood.

The raven and the dove are also the traditional iconographic attributes of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. In the second book of his Dialogues, St. Gregory the Great tells us that a raven helped St. Benedict to get rid of the poisoned bread that was sent to him by a priest envious of his holiness. In the same book, we learn that when St. Scholastica died, St. Benedict saw her soul rise to heaven in the form of a dove.

Our school

We have started a small, parent-run school in which our children can receive an education that is fully rooted in the faith and moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

Please consider supporting our school by making a donation. We pray daily for our benefactors.

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